How much of our days do we spend on autopilot?

Not even noticing anything, constantly in our minds thinking of the past or constructing the future.

Doing most things as a means to end but never getting to an end, because when or if we get there we do not enjoy the moment as we are already with thouhgts of what’s next.

We are on a automatic conveyor belt to the end of our journey without every enjoying the journey.

Switch the autopilot off and live life now. Enjoy every moment, there are no gaurantees for any of us.

The destination

By focusing on the destination alone, which is in the future, we’d have not noticed the journey that makes up our real life.

When or if we get there, we’ll still have the same challenge as we have now, we’ll be looking for the next destination.

Enjoy each step of the journey as the steps we take now are the only steps we have.