There is only one ending

On our journey through life there is only one ending.

Yet we talk about things coming to an end all the time.

Yet really it’s a transition not an end and that makes our mindset more focused on the positive.

If we look back over any period and focus on what went right and what we learnt that can be taken forward to the next stage of the journey, then we do not have to see things in a black and white start and end.

Life is a journey and each stage contributes learning, connections and opportunities to get even better.

The path has twists and turns

Life’s journey has many twists and turns in it.

There is not a straight, easy path through life.

Often, we are seeking an easy ride, easy options, straight-forward journeys, no delays, no inconvenience.

The best journeys are the unexpected ones, the twists and turns bring the magical moments that we always remember. Sure, they can bring pain and hard times, but that is where we learn and that enables us to appreciate the magic of life.

An easy path is a dull one.