Saving people

We cannot walk other people’s paths for them. They have to heal their own pain, find their own path, take their own journey. The responsibility is theirs and only they will know the answer for themselves from within and not from their mind or ours.

We cannot heal them, advise them or defuse their own inner problems.

We are not here to save everyone, they do not need saving, they just have to learn their own way, find their path, make their own light.

We can provide them with our empathy, our non-judgemental listening, we can share our own path as an example that they may be lifted by, we can share our light with them.

We all have all the wisdom we need deep within our soul from the moment we are born, yet we are conditioned to turn to the limited knowledge of our mind, which can only draw on memories of what has happened to us up to this moment in our life.

The wisdom of the entire universe is within our soul and beyond our limited mind.

Our own journeys

The transition from habitually being stuck in our mind and thoughts, to being awake and conscious, is like any transition, it takes patience and being kind to ourselves.

It also takes being patient with others too.

If we think enlightenment and becoming awake makes us better, then we are still stuck in our minds and possessed by our egos.

Everyone is on their own journey and it is not our purpose to affect that journey or to judge it.

When we encounter others who are not awake, it is not our position to judge, criticise or try to alter that. Equally, if we enter other people’s drama and story, we only energise it.

All we can do is continue our own journey and try to be an example for others, try to bring our light. Stay away from our mind, be aware of our reactions to others and allow it to be and do not become it. Simply stay focused on the moment ourselves and not concern ourselves with others.

We are all equal, worthy and amazing human souls whatever our state of consciousness. Let others be.