Move on

When something becomes an effort and there is no joy, when we deep down know that something isn’t what we want, then it is time to let go and move on from that thing or person or whatever situation.

Of course, our mind will get us to believe that it is us or we have done something wrong, or we must try harder and so on. We cling on to a job, or friendship or anything, hoping to ‘fix’ it or to keep it as it was. But all things are temporary.

Things or people are meant to be or not. They can come and go from our lives or be there forever. A thing or a person may serve a purpose for a period, sometimes for a very short time and sometimes for much longer and then we have grown or evolved, or they have, and it is time to let go and move on. There is no reason for it, it just is and if we accept it, then we let go of pain and suffering within. We no longer blame ourselves.

We do not need to make an evaluation of the thing or the person, no need to search for a reason, there is no need for judgement, it is just a feeling from within that tells us that it is no longer suiting our journey and it is time to just move on and let go. However, the mind and its ego look to hold on or to convince or to make us do more or there is guilt.

Just be at peace with all that is, just accept that it is no longer for us and choose a new direction, a new start and always focus on our inner wisdom and intuition…trust it and just be.

New choices

The choices we make all have consequences and they lead us to a unique path each time, some paths are not what we want. It is again another choice as to how we react.

We can choose to accept that the outcome is what it is, we gain a new experience from the outcome and we make a new choice and move on. Everything happens in the now, and what we do now is the only thing that can change our real conscious existence.

Alternatively, we can analyse everything, deny the outcome, react, feel emotions, pain and suffering within and take that forward and manifest further choices that will inevitably lead to the same outcomes again and again. This is what living in the past does, we analyse, we blame, we look for revenge, we resist, we suffer and then we project it all into the future as our guide and suffer fear and pain. It becomes a repeating pattern.

Letting go and accepting our choices and not making a judgement or evaluation brings us inner peace and then from our consciousness we manifest a new choice from a position of peace and not from the fear of the mind.