Just do more of what went right

In the blame, judgement and critical culture we obsess about what went wrong and whose fault it was.

Perhaps it would be better to look at only what went well or was a success and do more of that, and even better next time.

It’s a challenge to change our thinking to that as a good deal of people won’t know what to do when they have no one to blame, shame and judge.

When empathy is denied

The pain.

The rising heat.

The sweat.

The anxiety.

The foolish feeling.

The shame washes over.

Worthless, failure, outcast, downbeat.

Shame is easy.

Shame scars deep.

This is how we feel when empathy is denied.

Empathy is hard, yet empathy nourishes.

This is how we feel when empathy is applied.

Loved, forgiven, understood, included, worthy, uplifted, better.