What is empathy?

Empathy is forgetting our story and listening without evaluating or judging the other person. To walk in their shoes.

True understanding only comes when we have no agenda and no outcome to suit us.

It’s not about us, or fixing, or advising, or telling…it’s about listening, understanding and sharing the light from our soul with another soul.

Empathy is being at one with the other. It’s about love and that comes with no conditions from our heart and soul.

I know nothing

What do we really know to be so?

Our mind comes up with endless thoughts on almost every thing and every person, yet what is it all based on?

We convince ourselves that things are as we see it and the mind searches for anything to back these views.

What if we choose to say ‘I know nothing about that’?

We don’t have to have a view or form one. We can just choose to not know.

This would change a great deal of conflict where one mind is arguing with another mind, where both minds are convinced they know something. However, in reality, they know little other than what their mind has made up for them.