Fixing and ego

We all have a unique path and journey, each one of us. Just because we had a similar experiences that doesn’t mean that our friend, partner, child, parent or stranger had exactly the same. Additionally it may have occurred at a different part of our growth in life, we are different so how we reacted would have been different too, so the whole experience would have changed.

Essentially, it is better to listen, understand and empathise with our friend, partner, child, parent or stranger, rather than make about ourselves and our story, which they often may not want to hear or care about.

Fixing and telling others is not understanding, it is ego. If they seek our view or advice, that is different, but simply using the time in which the other is speaking to prepare our answer about our story is simply all about us.

Fix it or listen?

Listen and don’t try to fix others.

People aren’t broken, they just want to be understood and not told what you think. Sure offer a viewpoint if asked, but listen, as in really listen not just preparing what we will say next while they talk.

We each have our own unique journey.

Empathy instead of sympathy, listening instead of telling, and acceptance of others for what they are.