When we encounter different our conditioning makes us want to ridicule, or block, or judge or hate.

What if we were conditioned to seek to understand and to see what connected us rather than what separates us? What if we were to accept that having a different view was simply that a view, not right or wrong, just different to ours? What if we accepted that it is all a perspective?

Different doesn’t mean less or bad, it’s just different. If we seek what connects us and if we accept all humans are part of the one life, then we can bring peace within and collectively.

It’s outside

We invest so much time on apps, technology, media, digital work, and so little connecting with nature.

As humans we are the most disconnected from nature that any human being has been.

Interestingly, we have the worst mental health and we are the most addicted and discontented humans to roam the planet.

For example, we are more than 60 percent water as humans. We fully accept that the tides of the sea are caused by the energy of the moon. Perhaps, if we were more connected to the nature and less to the digital matrix we’d understand how the moon’s energy affects us.

If we ate according to the seasons we’d be healthier and so would the planet.

If we spent more time in nature simply being we’d be more conscious and have a healthier mind, body and spirit.

The answer isn’t looking into a screen…it’s outside.