A simple thing

Every day there is an opportunity, well endless opportunities not just one, but we can, if we choose to, take at least one opportunity to lighten up someone else’s path. We all have our struggles and it’s not our judgement, criticism, questioning, or advice others need it is our listening, understanding, compassion and kindness they need.

A hug, a smile, a kiss, a kind deed, a kind gesture, a laugh, a kind word, a compliment, a song, a dance, something that we can do for someone we love or for a complete stranger.

In fact, doing something for a stranger shows we are all just one human race, the one life, a collection of beautiful human souls that are hidden behind our ego’s, judgements, anger, frustration, fear, hate and the lenses of our minds.

A simple act of kindness for a stranger is what makes us human.

I’m not OK

We all lose our way, we all get stuck, we all get tired, we all find days a challenge.

That’s OK.

It’s OK to be struggling.

We do not have to be always happy, always smiling, always ‘GREAT’.

Recognising when we are low, allowing those feelings to be, without resistance, without the need to act a different ‘happy me’ allows them to pass easier and reduces our suffering.

It’s actually having to be always on top of the world that creates the pain.

I’m not OK and that’s fine…it will pass.