We’re here to fart around

I’m sitting here about to write today’s blog, which I have decided to be about not sitting in front of a screen, be it our mobile phones, tablets or PCs, and it’s ironic that you’ll read it on a screen!

We are not on this planet to just sit staring at a screen, mainly observing someone else’s life whether through the fiction of TV/Film etc or through reality of YouTube and social media.

We are here to jump for joy, climb trees, splash in puddles, dance on the beach, run through a field of tall grass, laugh, smile, cry, be with other people.

The being with other people is the real thing that is disappearing rapidly through the advancing erosion of human contact that we seem evermore keen to embrace through a digital world.

Instead of buying a book online, we could walk to the bookshop and talk to people on the way, we can observe others, we can enjoy being away from mental stimulus of our smartphones, we can stop and have a coffee and watch the world go by. All of these experiences teach us and enrich us. They allow us to bring our light to the world for others and for us to experience the light of others. The energies that we all transmit like beacons to light up others.

We won’t get this from shopping online.

Kurt Vonnegut once said ‘we’re here on Earth to fart around’, adding ‘we’re dancing animals…let’s all get up and move around a bit right now…or at least dance’.

We are not here to be stuck in a chair staring at a screen, go and fart around, and there doesn’t have to be a reason or a purpose. Just be.

Waiting for the train

Waiting for a train, a plane, a bus, a friend to arrive, for your turn in the queue…the majority of the human race use this time to stare into a screen on their smartphone, to be connected to the digital matrix. To avoid the ‘boredom’ of the mind not being occupied.

Most of that time will be spent on social media/messaging apps.

In itself there is nothing good or bad about this. However, we spend plenty of time waiting in our life, yet instead of being in that moment and experiencing our surroundings, perhaps an opportunity to interact with another human, read a book, or simply just be and be at peace and see the amazing world that is all around, we are sucked into the unconsciousness of the mind and the drama and toxicity that a great deal of the digital world is for most of us.

We are often inducing stress and anxiety at the same time as missing our real-life moment.

Wait for the train in peace by just being in the moment and experiencing our real life and being aware of the beauty and amazing things that surround us always. Just think how many things we missed or real humans we didn’t talk to because we couldn’t stand to ‘wait’ without being occupied by something to stimulate the mind.