It inside us

Change, reaction, fear, worry, love, kindness, joy, hate…the list could go on, all of it is inside us.

We decide to react or not, stay stuck in our minds or not, be our egos or not, be whatever. We decide it all. We choose to label situations with the word problem, we choose to be the emotions that are fear, worry, anger and so on. We choose to be the reaction instead of accepting what is.

We look to the exterior when all that happens in our life comes from within and within is something we control.

The answer is within us all.

Preaching to the converted


While it is good to fine tune your ideas, to inspire the people who share your views and values, preaching to the converted has to be augmented with what others think too.

The danger of only taking in the views of those around you, is that they are likely to share yours, that’s why you are connected.

I am a big advocate of surrounding yourself with people who share your values and your mission, then looking to inspire them to help you and for you to help them. As I have said many times, we are not here for everyone and we only have to appeal to those that share our vision and cause.

However, in order to not think that everyone sees the world like you do and more importantly, to get you to realise that not everyone will instantly get what you are saying, you do need to open yourself to stepping out of your bubble of your own network now and again.

That way you can get new ideas, you can take in things to re-affirm that your mission is the right one, and to also perhaps spread your message to new pastures.

Having contrary opinions is healthy, it keeps you on your toes and it helps to shape your ideas.

The world today is a big fan of a single voice, a mass paint by numbers approach to all and sundry. Difference, diversity, curiosity, and taking in a wide range of views helps shapes our own ideas. We do not have to agree with others, nor do we have to give up on our values. However, to only hear one side, to only hear people who agree with you, is limiting.