The body is a reflection of the mind

When we feel something inside us, a disturbance, when we feel something in our bodies that isn’t right, do not look for something physical, look to the mind.

Our emotions and physical state is a reflection of the state of our mind.

When we are at peace and detached from thought, then there is a physical calmness within the body. The opposite is true when the mind is active.

Often, we say ‘I’m OK’, then if we check our body, then we sense all the emotions, turbulence, then we can know that the deep subconscious activity of our deepest thoughts and negative repeating patterns of thought is there and causing disturbance.

The body is a reflection of the mind. If we are mentally silent and at peace within, then the body will reflect that.

Can’t cancel

Work, flights, sporting events, meetings, travel, and many other things can be cancelled.

You can never cancel love, joy, understanding and the light that can shine from our true essence, from our consciousness comes the light that can shine on the darkness.

Only we can choose freedom to be, or conversely, only we can choose to become absorbed by the fear and panic.

Choose love, stay awake and free, whatever happens. Our soul and essence, which is within all of us, is indestructible, it is beyond the mind and body and is at one with all that is in the entire universe.

Our soul can not be cancelled, be it and focus on this moment now.