A million different outcomes

That’s at least how many thoughts about a future event that we could muster and I am sure our minds could come up with more given enough time and energy, like say a lifetime.

Given all the outcomes we can come up with regarding any situation or challenge we are faced with how many of them actually happen? In fact, how many outcomes are even remotely as bad as we have imagined them to be?

The thing is, the mind will do anything to protect it’s created self-image. So, it will do everything it can to come up with the worst outcomes so that we can protect ourselves in advance and talk ourselves out of doing anything that might put us at ‘risk’. Risk as in self-inflicted pain that we choose when something happens.

If we accept that we only control ourselves, and in fact, mainly badly, then we can choose to let go of most, if not all, of the outcomes we imagine. The next thing is to assume we have done all we can and if there is something else we can still do, then do it. If we’ve done everything we can, then simply do nothing, accept what is and carry on enjoying our lives at this moment and chill out.

Worry is a needless thing we inflict upon ourselves by speculating about imaginary things that others might do to us in the future based on absolutely nothing.

Madness, eh!