Keep it simple

When we just go about life simply, just taking in each moment, when we stay away from drama, judgement and criticism, we free ourselves from so much internal suffering.

We literally let the stress, tension and heaviness lift from each cell of our body, we feel better physically, mentally…our soul shines its light on the world.

It’s all about the focus of our energy onto the joy of whatever we are doing now, even if that’s doing nothing, it is where to put our focus and where we focus is where our energy goes.

When we make things about the simple joy of the experience we are creating right now then there is no time or energy/space for the repetitive and sabotaging thought that often occupies most of our time.

Life isn’t complicate, unless we choose to make it that way, and then, of course, we suffer the consequence of that choice.

Keep everything simple and joy will come.

What if?

What if you don’t continue?

What if you quit?

What if you leave?

What if you don’t say it?

What if? What if? What if?

We fear to do what we feel because we fear the consequences. Yet the consequences of our actions only happen after we have done them and therefore what we fear is the psychological fear that is just a creation of our mind and its projection into the fantasy that is the future.

Never fear what if, just do what you feel always and in the moment. When consequences unfold, we can deal with them, in that moment.