Set in stone

Sadly our world is made up of bubbles of the same opinions, that are often filled with people whose views are set in stone and rigid.

If we want change, we’ll have to step outside our bubbles and learn to be porous. We’ll need to let other opinions that we don’t like to be filtered through the rock so we can adapt them.

Stonecast views allow no compromise and change needs flexibility, not rigidity.


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We are taught that rigidity is a good thing, especially if you have a building or structure that you don’t want to come crashing down.

We need to follow the curriculum rigidly if we are to get results. There needs to be rigidity in our diet, we need to follow the plan.

We have to be strict.

Daily rituals, habits and all the things that build momentum are good, we have to take the small regular steps. We have to be able to focus and be disciplined.

But they do not have to rigid.

Tall buildings for example, without flexibility, would tumble to the ground in high winds, as wood the less flexible trees.

Sometimes we just have to say ‘what the f…’ and just let our hair down, have that glass of champagne, eat something that we really want to, stay up til the early hours, party, and just have fun.

We have to break rules and challenge things, no one wants anarchy, but rigidity is equally as bad.

If we are always rigid with ourselves then life becomes dull. If we are always rigid as a society, it becomes bland and complaint.

Flexibility is what makes life special.