Releasing ourselves and others

Always the letting go and acceptance brings us peace.

The expectation of others, denial of what is and the struggle to make things happen that we can not control bring us suffering.

The universe will bring us all that we need, always, we just need to be at peace within and with the right energies to take the opportunities that are there. We can only see when we are not looking beyond now.

Let go of expectation and release ourselves and others from the burden and suffering.

What we give

What we want from others can only be as much as we are prepared to give and we have to be prepared to be that person first without any condition or attaching anything to our actions.

If we want more love we have to be love

If we want more kindness we have to be kindness.

If we want more empathy we have to be empathetic.

We have these expectations of others which we could choose to have none and then there can not be disappointment.

What we give out will come back. We have to be the light and example not simply expect it from others.