Unattached kindness

Kindness comes in many forms and it doesn’t matter how big or small the act of kindness is.

But kindness feels more nourishing to the soul when you do it without telling others or perhaps without the recipient knowing.

When we tell others it involves the ego and often an expectation of gratitude and or reciprocation.

Acts of true kindness are as rewarding for the giver as the receiver when there’s nothing attached.

Unattached kindness comes from our true essence as an expression of love for another human soul.

Peace within first

When we seek to the exterior world for anything, whether it’s help, attention, love, kindness or any form of fulfilment, it is because we are not at peace within.

Seeking to others only exacerbates the situation, as we not only place a burden to others for our own internal lack, additionally, we increase disappointment levels within when others undoubtedly fail to meet our needs and expectations.

If we focus on creating our own fulfilment within, which means letting go of our ego and mind streams of repetitive negative thought patterns, then we only rely on our own soul for joy and contentment.

We learn to just be.

Our natural conscious state of being, in this present moment, is always peaceful within and we lack nothing or desire nothing from others. We are truly ourselves and at peace within.

We can of course gain joy and help or whatever from others, but if we are at peace within first, then there is no burden on others and no expectation that will only lead to disappointment.

Peace within brings our joy and light to ourselves and those we encounter.