We imprison ourselves

We build a life through our own imagined self-image and imprison ourselves in it. We stay stuck in jobs, with friends, with partners and so on, fearing to break free, fearing to upset, fearing to be our true selves. We go against our true self, we resist it, we allow ourselves to be trapped in our self-created imaginary life.

We become attached to things and people, and even when we instinctively want to do something or get rid of something, we stay trapped in the attachment we have built. We do not accept that every form is temporary and we are flowing on a journey. Not everything has to be there forever, we can move on from things, people, jobs and so on.

Freedom is being truly ourselves and not being attached or dependent on things or others.


It’s funny how good we are at telling others what to do, say, think, how to behave, what to eat, how to speak, what to wear, what job to do, and so on. We never run out of an opinion.

Yet when we are on the receiving end of others telling us we do not like it. We feel restricted, we feel coerced, we fell controlled. Strange that we then do that internally to ourselves too, the voice of authority that the mind uses.

If we live free from forming opinions of others and ourselves, we live free and we allow others the same.

Don’t tell just be.