Acting against ourselves

Behaviour is often more to do with how we think others will perceive us than what we truly feel.

Yet, we are all doing the same, more worried about appearances to others than being authentic.

Being authentic is hard as we are conditioned to consider what others think and it leaves us feeling like we are in the wilderness when we don’t conform, no longer fitting in.

Mad how we condition ourselves as humans to act against our true selves to satisfy the imagined view of us by another.

Why don’t they learn?

This is something that observers of other people say. They pass judgement on others mistakes and question ‘why don’t they learn?’. Yet often it is a judgement of themselves.

Learning isn’t that simple. Firstly, we assume that others are aware and more importantly we are judging others behaviour as wrong or a mistake, but only through our filter of right and wrong, good or bad. What do they need to learn for us to be content?

The other thing about learning is it takes time, we have to break habits, we have to feel enough pain to change, we have to learn vulnerability, we have to learn to detach ourselves from defending our way of doing things. These changes do not happen overnight and it requires patience, sacrifice, and being brave.

Learning and change go hand in hand, they are personal and it comes from within, not from pressure from others.