One of the biggest obstacles

We often analyse and search for what are the obstacles to progress in life. Ironically, thinking and analysing things, is in fact the biggest obstacle.

The more that we think, the more that we analyse, the more we give our inner voice a chance to take over. The strongest part of our inner voice lives in the limbic brain, the chimp brain, this part of the brain is 5 times more powerful than our human, frontal brain.

The chimp in us does not want to be ridiculed, or threatened in anyway, is risk adverse for those reasons and settles for the routine and comfort over starting something new.

As I have blogged more and more, now I rarely struggle with what to write each day, but today I sat and I started to think through ideas, then the chimp brain took over and self doubt crept in. I started to over analyse all the ideas that came into my head, where normally I run with the first idea that comes up, and I just start typing.

This does not mean that we should never analyse or think about things, especially when our emotions have been enagaged, we need time to reflect and that is important.

However, when we have task to start and things to do, just do, count to three and just start, the moment you pause to question, then BAM!!!! we will start to talk ourselves out of it.

Don’t look for obstacles, don’t analyse things that we can not predict anyway, don’t look for certainty, that’s dull. Just start.