One thing can lead to so much

I tell this to myself most days, now…’just keep going, Philip’.

Patience, that’s something I have not had a huge amount of in life until more recent years. I used to think that impatience was good, some macho hustle, before my mate Gary Vaynerchuk made it popular. Acting on impulse and getting things done is one thing and a good thing, but not being patient enough to keep going, to gain the learning, to adapt, to test is a bad thing.

I’ve increasingly realised, it is just that, keep going with things, modify, adapt, learn, but most of all be patient, great things come over time not immediately. They build by small, unnoticeable steps, so momentum builds and builds, but always slow at first, but then the momentum grows and grows like a hockey stick curve.

Especially when you feel shit, this is when it matters most. On good days, we can all fly along, on tough days we feel like we’re wading through treacle with lead boats on. We all have shit days.Then on those days, try saying ‘just keep going, Philip’. It’s more like ‘I fancy watching Netflix’.

There are times when you will doubt this, I do many times, but I always remind myself, when I’m thinking of giving up and not doing something, that doing just one small thing to keep the momentum going is better than not. Often, you do that one thing and I try to make it small, you feel good, well better, and you do a second and third thing. Previously, I could write days off, weeks off, even years, through not keeping going, through thinking about the big stuff and giving in and looking for the path of least resistance.

I painfully learnt and realised that one thing might just be the thing you have been waiting for to go forward, we never know and that is why I have learnt to just keep going. Publishing one more blog, writing one more journal entry, doing one more piece of art, whatever it is.

One thing can lead to so much.

‘Just keep swimming’

A phrase that was made famous from the Pixar film ‘Finding Nemo’ where Dory, a blue tang fish, with a bit of a memory problem, says ‘just keep swimming’ to keep everyone going towards the search for the missing Nemo. Especially, she uses it when they reach the usual challenges in their search that such film genres have as part of the plot of making the film engaging. Often at the point when others perhaps are disheartened and feel like giving up

OK, so life is a little different to an animated Pixar film based on humanised fish, but the phrase ‘just keep swimming’ is one that fits as a reminder that often in life we have to just keep going. Sure, with things that are outside of our control, like everything except what we do, then letting go and leaving it is the right answer.

But with ourselves, we have to have a bit of perseverance and determination, especially during the hard times, when we are challenged and pushed to the limit of our self-belief and resilience. This is not some macho strength thing, this about keeping our faith, adapting and keep trying.

If you persist, you get there. As I said yesterday, the last freedom we have that can never be taken away is our freedom of choice of how to react.

Just keep swimming, believe and great things come.