It’s in the manual

Often frustrated management say this to staff when it went wrong ‘it’s in the manual’ referring to the companies SOP (standard operating procedures, yet more jargon!).

However, it is never as simple as reading a manual.

Maybe the manual is badly written, maybe the answer wasn’t there, maybe the induction didn’t tell them to read the manual for this or that.

Maybe, and more likely, the staff aren’t inspired to do their jobs, even though they know the manual inside out or they have had no other training or leadership. Probably plenty of management though, where the only conversation is critical and instructions to read a manual.

Answers to problems are not found in manuals. It is about leadership, training and inspiration.

Kicking a ball up the hill

I am sat at my desk pondering what to write in today’s blog and I’m distracted by a kid, who is only just a little bigger than the ball he’s trying to kick. We live on a hill and, yes, he’s trying to kick it up the hill.

Initially, it did not go well and he spent a good deal of time chasing the ball down the hill and fetching out from under cars. But sooner or later he found a solution, he changed his tactic from big hoofs to smaller kicks and smartly enlisted other kids to fetch the ball when his kicks went astray.

Enthusiasm and a willingness to try different approaches again and again until he learnt was the solution and he solved it very quickly given his age. The other lesson was don’t do thing’s alone, we are not meant to always struggle alone, collaboration is definitely the answer to many things.