The light within

The light of our soul is permanently on inside us for our entire life from when we are born to the day we die, but like a lightbulb, it gets covered in dust, the dust of our constant thoughts.

Eventually, unless we stop our thoughts the light stops shining until we awaken again.

In our conscious moment, the light is on fire, but when we slip back into our thoughts it goes out.

The more conscious we are, the more the light shines and the more we grow and become our true essence.

Dark always becomes light

Now, in the northern hemisphere, every day is getting a little lighter each day and, in the southern hemisphere, the opposite is happening, each day is getting a little darker.

It then swaps.

So? you might say.

It is the Yin and Yang of everything in the universe, in nature, in life…it has to have an opposite.

Light does not exist without dark, tall without short, big without small, love without fear and so on.

So no matter what is happening in life, there will always be change, it always passes, and everything is temporary. The only thing that is eternal is this present moment, now.

If we welcome the ‘bad’ we can then enjoy the ‘good’. If we fear the ‘bad’ we strangely do not enjoy the ‘good’ as we live in constant fear.

If we welcome all, we accept all and we live in peace.