The end for us all is a box

Today I collected my Mum’s ashes from the funeral service provider, a year and a bit after her funeral. Obviously due to the restrictions and lockdowns, it has been longer than usual.

It struck me today driving home that every single one of nearly 8 billion people on this planet will end up in a box with an urn of their ashes in, including me, well not all as some will be buried, some not found etc. But my point is, we all turn to dust whichever way we look at it.

So it won’t matter how much the human race tries to deny this or find ways of prolonging it in some way or another with more medication, more injections, more caution, more safety, more lockdowns, more restrictions or more mental denial, it’s going to happen. We have become the most psychologically fear stricken humans to ever inhabit this planet. We are the most medicated, most addicted, most depressed, most disconnected from nature and our true essence that has ever been.

We are so frightened of the possibility of death that we do not live. We don’t have life, we are life, yet we spend our time stuck within our thoughts, not conscious of this moment that is all there is.

Now, we do not suddenly need to become mad reckless, unhygienic, unhealthy, or completely throw all caution to the wind, however, if trying to avoid an unlikely death means not living, fearfully trying to avoid any risk at all, then there is the obvious thought of ‘what is the point of life?’.

The point of life is not to spend all our time frightened of death and restricting ourselves to avoid death at all costs. The point of life is to live, now, in this moment, to be free-spirited, to step away from our fear-based thoughts and to create experiences and to make the most of our time as a human.

Of course, death is only of the physical carnation that our true essence, the ball of energy that we all are, is currently housed in. The real soul never dies, it moves on, it remains forever.

We are a ball of energy currently having a human experience as the consciousness of the universe. Not a mind-obsessed fear stricken person avoiding living in order to not end up in an urn.

If we accept that our physical body will die, accept it now, let go of that fear and realise that ‘death’ doesn’t actually exist except for the mental construct of on unreal future event, one we cannot deal with so it causes us great suffering within and prohibits us actually living now.

Right now, we are all breathing, we are all life, and if we detach ourselves from our endless thought and from the fear of the collective mind, then we are free to be, free from fear, free from suffering and free to be life. Let your ‘life’ go, it’s mentally created fiction. Just be life.

Flutter by

Drip, drip, drip
Slowly like a snail
Invisible like a wisp
It comes, step by step
We do not see it

It meanders and skips
It sneaks up on us
It catches us unaware
It hides and pounces
It’s stealthy

Once we notice it
It lights up
When we respond to it
It grows
And grows

It grabs us
It drags us along
It is like a magnet
And more come
They join in

Soon we are dragged along
Soon we are bumping around
Soon we are engulfed in them
Soon we are plunge into the dark
Soon we are feeling fear

We can’t seem to escape
The darkness comes
We are feeling anxious
We are feeling frightened
We have become them

And then we pause
There is a light
It first is faint
Then it’s stronger
The light grows

We feel the light’s energy
We feel it’s strength
We feel it’s love
We know it’s real
We awaken and free ourselves

We become the light
And we realise
That all there was in the dark
Was our mind, it’s fear
We were grabbed by its thoughts

Now we know the light
We can say goodbye
We can let those thoughts
Flutter by
We are free