Flutter by

Drip, drip, drip
Slowly like a snail
Invisible like a wisp
It comes, step by step
We do not see it

It meanders and skips
It sneaks up on us
It catches us unaware
It hides and pounces
It’s stealthy

Once we notice it
It lights up
When we respond to it
It grows
And grows

It grabs us
It drags us along
It is like a magnet
And more come
They join in

Soon we are dragged along
Soon we are bumping around
Soon we are engulfed in them
Soon we are plunge into the dark
Soon we are feeling fear

We can’t seem to escape
The darkness comes
We are feeling anxious
We are feeling frightened
We have become them

And then we pause
There is a light
It first is faint
Then it’s stronger
The light grows

We feel the light’s energy
We feel it’s strength
We feel it’s love
We know it’s real
We awaken and free ourselves

We become the light
And we realise
That all there was in the dark
Was our mind, it’s fear
We were grabbed by its thoughts

Now we know the light
We can say goodbye
We can let those thoughts
Flutter by
We are free

We are life

Breath again
And again
And again

Feel the life
Feel it in your toe
Feel it in your fingertips
Feel it in your heart

Breath again
And again
And again

Hear the sound
Hear the bird
Hear the wind
Hear the sea

Breath again
And again
And again

Taste the air
Taste the cool water
Taste the apple
Taste the cheese

Breath again
And again
And again

We are not a life
We are life
In this moment now
Only now
We are life