The most fulfilling thing

Not fitting in is the bravest thing.

Sounds easy, we all think we are not part of the crowd.

But truly, when we deep down want to say something, to shout out and be different, how often do we agree to not offend, not cause a scene, to avoid the awkwardness, to quell the fear?

Being the true you is the hardest thing, yet it is the biggest joy, the greatest peace, the most fulfilling thing we can do as a human being, to always just be ourselves.

Every day is a bonus

If you are reading this you are alive.

You will have had a lifetime up to today.

There will have been good, bad, and ugly days.

The thing is every day that we wake up is a bonus, there is no guarantee, there is no contract that you’ll definitely get ‘x’ amount of life.

If you are here to just eat, sleep, work all hours to pay bills that make others wealthy and buying stuff that will not enrich our lives, then there is no point.

We are all here for our own individual purpose, spend a little time each day making this day count in some way towards that purpose, do something that brings you joy. Spend time with those who matter, make experiences, make memories.

Don’t waste the bonus that today is.