Would you?

Would you still do art if no one bought it or could see it?

Would you still write your blog if no one read it?

Would you still sing if no one heard it?

Would you still make your music if no one could listen to it?

Would you still create if it was only for you?

Is what you do for others or for yourself?

The joy is in the doing as it takes place now.

Change the narrative

If we say ‘it’s cold’ it is.
If we say ‘Everyone is miserable’ they are.
If we say ‘they don’t like me’ they don’t.
If we say ‘I’m no good at…’ we are not.
If we say ‘That scares me…’ it will.
If we say ‘I’m bored’ we are.

If we want different, we have to change the narrative.