Newton’s cradle

Drama and negativity energies themselves the same as peace and positivity do.

They are like the swinging balls on a Newton’s cradle, as one ball swings into the other they flow one way and the other, equal and opposite reactions.

However, we can step away from the collective drama by simply choosing to move away from it, as if we lift the last ball on the cradle up so we reduce its energy and it fades faster.

If we stay there and add the balls go backwards and forwards for longer just like the drama it becomes a bigger force.

Flow with the stream

We spend a great deal of energy and time swimming against the tide of life…resisting what is and seeking better than we perceive now to be. It is all negative and causes suffering from fighting and denying what is.

If let go, and float with the flow of life, stop trying to swim upstream against the current, then we allow the adventure of life to unfold as is and we release ourselves from all the negative energy. We feel peace and just allow things to happen that we can not control anyway, there is no fight.

Flow with the stream and see where it takes us, we’ll discover so much more than staying stuck trying to swim upstream.