Being spiritual is open to everyone, naturally, as we are spiritual beings.

It’s not a religion or philosophy that you have to spend a long time studying.

Being spiritual is not about being superior to others, that is always a condition of the mind and it’s ego. We are all equal.

Each of us is made up of energy, the same energy that everything in the universe consists of. We are all one. The one life.

We can access the spiritual dimension beyond the thoughts of our mind instantly and always. We only need to become conscious and allow our thoughts to be, witness them and don’t respond to energise them. Allow them space to be, pass and fade away. Everything, except in eternal present moment, is temporary including me and you.

In that peace we can then simply feel the energy within us, in the silence we can appreciate the background that is always there, we can notice nature and we can connect with the unmanifested universe that we all are a part of. We can enjoy the calm of no thought, no suffering from our mind or ego, we do not spread our pain to others.

Now is consciousness, past and future are of the unconscious mind and bring our suffering.

Spiritualism is within us all, it’s just buried by repetitive thoughts, ego and resistance to what is and we can choose to access it and stay with it or not.