Blog writing

Second-guessing what others will want to hear from us as blog writers only leads to disappointment.

The stats don’t matter anyway, well unless you are blogging to make money from it, so trying to write things that others might want to read is a waste of time.

If you blog for the simple pleasure of sharing your worldview with others, and in my case actually the enjoyment of writing for myself, then it is best to just write what you’d like to read.

If others like it great, if they don’t well, that’s ok too.

Being genuinely yourself in all things is the answer, not just blog writing.

Hand writing a blog on a piece of paper


I have not hand written more than say my name and address, so a few words, on a piece of paper for what seems like a decade or more.

I never had brilliant handwriting even when I was writing regularly on paper. My teachers often joked that I should become a doctor with writing that bad. Never quite got the joke, something to do with doctors scribbling prescriptions so quickly that they are often illegible.

I am not sure this will ever get published either, as I won’t be able to read it when I come to typing it up when I am repatriated with my Chromebook.

This feels so odd writing by hand now, I have lost the skill to write quickly and clearly. Also, without my now life-saving Grammarly App to correct my grammar and typos, it’s even stranger.

However, as I am writing more, it is strange how I am starting to like doing this, perhaps there’s a novelty factor.

Of course, productivity-wise, it would be almost laughable to return to handwriting everything. But in terms of pleasure and a real sense of creating something by hand and putting pen to paper, it is an art, and art has a soul and productivity does not.

We have lost a lot of soulful things in the never ending embracing of technology, efficiency and productivity.

From now on, I plan to do a bit more handwriting.