What’s left to say?

All the books, poems, plays, music, blogs, articles that have been written, surely it’s all been said? It’s all been written?

Why write more?

Well, each one of us is a part of the human story, each and every single person has a unique journey…that’s why we need to keep writing, there is never an end to the human narrative.

We all have a journey that is completely different and new, what kind of a world would there be without our song.

The day I dreaded

It’s here, the day I dreaded. No, I haven’t got a dental appointment tomorrow, although that would be dreadful. There is no tax form to complete, not that I know of. I am not turning 40 or 50…I’ve done that and neither were particularly bad.

The list of things that I could dread thankfully isn’t huge, but after 1,000 blog posts and well on the way to a completing a 3rd year of blogging every day, today was the day when I really had nothing to say.

I blogged about this and said, there would always be something to write as I always have got something to say, we never get talkers’ block so, therefore, how can we get writers’ block.

Well, today I sat for ages and nothing inspired me. For the first time ever, no matter how hard I tried, no spark, no inspiration.

So today’s blog is a big fat nothing.

Back again tomorrow.