Back with an old friend

After 6 1/2 years of continuous daily blogging, that’s over 2,400 blogs without missing a day, I decided to take a break in April. I’ve been back a few times, but I’ve certainly dropped or lost the daily habit. It has been good having a break and I was getting a little stale, just bashing out the posts to keep the streak going. I was doing it for the ego and not the love.

I have been reading a few of my old posts and that has sparked the bug again, it’s like being back with an old friend that you haven’t seen in years but the love is still there no matter what.

I have missed my blog and that is a good thing, I think before I had taken it for granted just how much joy this daily exercise in writing gave to me. It is a period of time where I am in the moment, I am sharing my thoughts, my wisdom, my experience, and most often, I am talking to myself, giving myself advice. It is the joy of doing and not the outcome. If you take regular daily steps then you get to the outcome anyway and you avoid the suffering of thinking about the big picture which is too daunting.

Of course, like most of us, we are good at giving advice and poor at taking it or acting on it, especially our own. We are not good at eating our own dog food.

I actually do this blog for the joy of it and I genuinely do not mind if no one else reads it, that is the best way to be, I write for my own pleasure and you could say ‘well, just write in a paper journal or an online journal and don’t bother publishing it’ and, to be honest, there is something in that. I did do 6 plus years of daily journaling, which was never published.

However, I do know that many people over the years have also enjoyed reading my blog, so if you have something to say, and we all do, then it is definitely worth sharing it.

Until we share our work, it is not created, it is not born, by hitting that ‘publish’ button we are actually stepping over the divide from thought and fear to creating, and that is a step not to be underestimated, in terms of how it builds our confidence and habit of showing up and being brave enough to ‘step into the ring and dare to be great’ (Brene Brown).

It could ramble on some more, but that is it for today…it’s great to be back with an old friend.

Step away from the package

I feel like I’m at a family wedding, that until the alcohol flows, everyone sits on either side of the dancefloor looking at each other and only kids, who have no fear of ridicule, take to the dancefloor.

I can sense the sabotage of my mind playing with me, finding excuses as to why today isn’t the day to change things up with my blog.

So I am still lost in thought, and that never ends up with anything productive, on where to go, preferring to go back to the same style and content rather than take the plunge.

It’s funny in many things in life now I have learnt to take the plunge and just start without thought, knowing that a small step is all that is needed to move forward. No surprise my life is moving where I want it to go. However, as the blog is going out into the public domain, the fear is greater.

Just stop the thinking and just do it. It is the only answer, but strangely knowing it does not make it any easier to do. I think that when I surrender and stop the resistance to changing and let go, then the natural flow of creativity will come to me, the universe always brings the answer.

I need to write from the soul and step away from the package.