Just be

Don’t love, be love, don’t be happy be happiness itself. Don’t search for love, be love, don’t search for happiness be happy, just be, just be, and just be, be the things that you are searching for in life, if you want something then be it, be…

Life has been overcomplicated, it’s simple.

Get up get out of bed each day and just be, don’t say I need something or I want something, just be, life is full of magic that is not found by worrying about what you have or haven’t got, what you will be in the future, just be. Don’t measure by what we do, achieve, have, haven’t…don’t judge, just be and live a life that is without having to continually measure our worth based on things that do not matter.

Enjoy the now as that is our life, now is it. The past is gone, and the future has not happened yet and will be what we ‘be’ now.

Just to be is the hardest thing to do, but all the best things are hard to start with and get easier and become easy as we do it day after day. Easy things become harder and have no worth.

Just be.

A big balled hyper-achiever

Over many years now there has developed this culture of having to be super productive, a doer, action taker, no talk all do and so on. If you are not on top of your game, then you are a loser. What app do you use for this and that? how many hours do you put in? being an achiever is everything.

It is almost how we seem to measure our worth and if you are not ‘on fire’ then that’s it the scrap heap awaits you. It is a very macho affair too, you need to have ‘big balls’.

Now I’m not suggesting we sit on the sofa all day and never do anything. The point I’m making is that it’s OK to talk and not do, it’s OK not to be super productive every moment of the day, it’s OK because we are worthy human beings regardless of what we do or achieve.

The fact is, it is far more important to be singularly focused on a purpose that matters. More important to do deep focused work for a block of time each day and get the priorities done, than it is to be a constant big balled hyper-achiever to claim the prize of most worthy person. We drown ourselves in ‘guru’ speak and spend endless hours measuring just how much we’ve done in the ‘BIG is beautiful’ tasks Olympics.

We get sucked into the ‘productivity’ vortex and spend most of our time doing stuff that does not really matter in order to fit in.

Productivity, like a hamster on a wheel, is the lifeblood of the industrial machine that cares only about squeezing more to make more profit for the owners.

One purpose, one focus, get what really matters done and then spend all the rest of the time talking, walking, sailing, painting, with friends, family…doing stuff that creates memories that matter. No one will sit at the end of their journeys and say ‘if only I’d done more tasks and worked longer’.