If you can’t see it

In order to find our inner peace, we need to step away from the mind. We need to simply observe our thoughts, do not energise them by responding. The mind is like a magnet, it draws us into a vortex of unnecessary and often destructive thoughts.

The mind, however, has many strategies to deny us peace.

The majority of them are so normal, constantly there, like a static white noise in the background, that we are not even aware of them. The pattern just keeps repeating and we wonder why we stay stuck.

It is like a broken record that plays over and over with the same themes. It will tell us we are not good enough, a failure, not popular, not worthy, a bad this and a bad that and so on. The noise is there all the time and it is only when we become conscious that we can see them and hear them.

Our consciousness is a light and we can shine that light on the darkness of our thoughts that hide in the recesses of our mind.

If you can’t see it, you can’t change it.

Not getting picked

Often we spend our lives lining up to be picked for the team, to be chosen to lead the school team, to star in the play, to be promoted, to be the leader…waiting to be chosen.

Actually, the biggest favour that can ever happen in our lives is not to be picked. That then leads to a choice of staying stuck or being brave enough to pick ourselves and build what we want.

Don’t pick me.