I am increasingly becoming less knowledgeable

I know nothing.

I have for most of my life thought it was important to know everything and even if you didn’t really have the first fucking clue about something, pretend that you knew and have an opinion, based usually on our own prejudices or what others say, who also had no fucking clue either.

Groups of people have great debates on subjects whereby none of them has a fucking clue and they make what they think are the right decisions based on that.

The only thing we know is ourselves and the things that we actually experience and even then, when we are in our unconscious mind-obsessed state, we only see what our mind wants us to see. In this moment now is the only thing we really know, when we are awake and conscious, seeing the world without any evaluation.

We do not have to have an opinion, we do not have to know and it is better to listen than to know.

The more we listen, the more we understand.

Inner peace, joy and a conscious existence, just being our authentic soulful true essence, comes from the freedom of knowing nothing, not evaluating everything. Knowledge is a burden because what we think is knowledge is most often thought and opinion within our own heads or from the collective mind.

Knowledge creates this false righteousness, as we believe our knowledge to be the absolute truth that our egos will force us to defend at all costs.

The opposite where listening, understanding and not knowing everything creates connection, respect, freedom and the liberation from the pressure of having to know and having to defend that knowledge.

I am increasingly becoming less knowledgeable.

Fact…not opinion

So, I am back, again. Back on the blogging horse after a short but needed sabbatical.

I am going to have another tattoo, big surprise!! You become easily addicted. I waited most of my adult life to get round to having one, even though I’d always wanted one. I finally overcame the fears, not fear of the pain particularly, just the fear of having one and ‘what if it looks shit?’ or ‘what if I don’t like it?’ and so on. Endless crap that my mind threw up to sabotage my soul’s desire to create beautiful art on my skin. I love art and all things spiritual, so I designed my own owl tattoo and the amazingly talented Mo set to work. I have always loved owls and see them as my spiritual totem. Then I had a raven, and thankfully Mo talked me out of my design this time for her amazing design. Of course, now I’m onto the next one…

I am going to have the words “I may be wrong” tattooed on my left forearm. This will be a permanent reminder of my new mantra…I have believed for a whole lifetime that “I am right” and protecting that at all costs. Now I am able to accept that I have a view, and usually based on nothing other than my mind telling me useless shit and then convincing me that I am right, based on nothing other than the fear of not having an opinion or view or knowledge on/of something and that view is just that a view, neither right or wrong, good or bad…just a temporary mental position that might change and is nothing very important.

I picked this tattoo idea up from listening to one of the many amazing fab Fearne Cotton podcasts, Happy Place, with Bjorn ‘Natthiko’ Lindeblad (check). He quit his amazing career as the youngest CEO of a company at the time to become a forest monk, which he continued to be for 40 years. He was taught the mantra ‘I may be wrong’ at the monastery as a way to avoid conflict. When you feel any conflict about to arise with another, simply repeat ‘I may be wrong’ a few times before reacting and the conflict always subsides, it gives us a chance to become conscious and step away from our ego.

Interesting, as a male, we are expected to know everything and it is a burden that we all carry. Society also expects us to have a view on everything and this was perfect for me as I grew up in a household where everyone had an opinion on everything and my father’s favourite phrase was ‘fact!! not opinion son’ for anything that was his view. Based again on nothing. He would have an opinion on mushroom growing out of season in Mongolia, if there is such a thing, even though he’d never grown mushrooms, or much else, and had never been to Mongolia.

We create so much conflict, suffering and damage battling it out with another person’s ego on what are just views. All views are just temporary thoughts amongst the thousands and thousands of usually repetitive daily thoughts.

When we do not attach ourselves to our opinions we release the need to defend them at all costs. The human race has killed each other in the millions just on the views of, or a group of, egos.

More and more I have less and less opinions on anything, I am no longer the ‘know-all’ and the defender of nothing that important as to be worth conflict of any kind with another.

So I am no longer of the ‘fact not opinion’ mantra and it has been replaced by ‘I do not know’. If it is really important to know, then, of course, I can do some research of my own or listen to others. However, my life journey has taught me that nothing really matters and very few things other than this eternal present moment that is now can be 100% true. Truth in itself is just an opinion and there are no facts.

Once you relieve yourself of the burden of having to know something or have a view, you reach a state of inner peace and freedom from the burden. We also release others from the burden of our knowledge and the lack of resistance to others releases the need for any conflict and suffering.

The human race would be in a more peaceful and joyous state if we knew less and had fewer views on stuff we knew nothing about.

Of course…I may be wrong.