Just acknowledge

Every one of us thinks in our mind that we are always right.

Yet all of us can not be right all the time, because, in my mind, my ego tells me that you are wrong at the same time someone else believes they are right and therefore I must be wrong.

Why have humans not realised that we can not be right all the time and others always wrong? It’s not possible.

Simple, our ego will not allow us to be wrong. Even if we reluctantly accept that we are wrong and say so out loud, deep down the mind will work its magic to convince itself that it was still right, there were factors that made us temporarily make an error but we were still right.

The fact is, to our true essence and self, right or wrong does not matter. Yet we waste so much energy and focus on being right, all the time.

Perhaps we can just choose to neither agree nor disagree and just acknowledge the other person but not pass a judgement. Imagine how quickly conflict would go away.

I’m right

There are no winners in arguments. Two egos, or more sometimes, clash and it becomes like a fight, the mind sees it the same as a real physical threat and it will defend at all costs.

If your ego wins, sadly everyone loses, because every argument destroys a little bit in friendships and relationships.

If we stay away from our minds and ego, then we do not argue, as there is no point. It is so irrelevant to be right and in our conscious state, we can see the insanity of arguing.

Arguing is for the mind, not the soul.