Desperate to be right

It’s funny, when we are engaged with the mind, the ego takes over, and the ‘red mist’ descends and we are unable to be calm. We will go to almost any lengths to find evidence to be right about something and prove others wrong.

We will relish the opportunity to force our views on others and then, if we are correct, we will then go to the same means to tell others that we were right, relishing saying ‘I told you so’.

Mad isn’t it. In a conscious awake state, what does it matter?

A peaceful life comes from accepting our views are just that and it does not matter whether we are right or wrong. Life is better when we let go.

Advice for others

It is easy giving others advice, it’s easy to see where others could do it better, although only through our own lens and judgement of what better is and who’s to say what is the right or wrong way?

It’s a lot harder to take the medicine ourselves and in fact, it is not our business to advise others unless they ask for it.