We create everything individually that occurs in our life and the collective of humans creates the world and all that we encounter and occurs.

There are no victims, only in the story of ‘poor little me’, which is created by the mind’s ego. A self-defence mechanism of the fragile ego to protect itself from being responsible for anything that didn’t go to plan.

We are obsessed with making the ‘right’ choice. This is driven by the mind and its ego always wanting to be right, so it can feel superior, but fearing to be wrong then makes it others fault and so the victimhood begins.

We choose everything that happens, there are no right or wrong choices but there are always outcomes and consequences of our choices. If we didn’t become obsessed by the mind and its desire to be right, we’d follow our true essence and soul and accept the consequences without fear.

Attachment to our opinions

The challenge with attachment to our opinions is it means we have to defend them. If we are adamant internally that our opinion is right no matter what, then our ego is at stake and we have to defend them to the ‘death’. Well actually, very often it is literally to the death. This damages our relationships with others and causes us suffering within.

Opinions are just a view, a temporary mental form, and there is no right or wrong and if we accept that they just that and place no personal attachment to them, then there is no need to fight, no need to resist any other view and no need to experience any negative emotions when others do not agree with our view.

Surrendering to acceptance of things is not weakness, it is a strength, that you can let go and accept others and their views for what they are. It doesn’t prohibit ourselves from expressing our views whenever, however, it just stops the pain and suffering of defending our views at all costs and stops affecting our relationships with others.