The suffering of judgement

Whenever we make a judgement, it is based on our own fears and is based on nothing else.

Judgements not only create suffering for others, but for ourselves too.

If we learn to forget the conditioning of our world, where almost everything is judgemental, then we can observe without the taint of our mind’s lens and free ourselves, and others, from the suffering that our judging brings.


Once you label something then the person or thing has been judged, including ourselves.

The mind is a giant subconscious labelling machine that we are not aware of, even as we walk down the street or watch something, or talking, the mind is working away labelling and boxing-up everything and everyone.

This means, that we only see the world through the labels and judgements of our mind.

If we just let our mind and its labels to be and simply observe the world without those lenses, then we see the beautiful, amazing and unevaluated world as it is.