Whatever comes

What comes to us in life happens only in the present moment, not in the past, not in the future, it happens now.

Whatever comes, we can either deal with or not, we can accept it or not, we can allow it to affect our mood or not.

It is always a choice.

The universe brings us experiences, so it can experience itself through us, the universe has a consciousness and we are it along with all other living things.

In the conscious state, nothing that happens can affect us, only if we choose to make it matter and that comes from the mind. The mind and its story of ‘me’ is affected by everything.

Everything matters to our mind, however, the secret to a peace-filled and joyous life is that nothing matters. That does not mean we are always happy, it means we accept what is and are at peace inside.

The circumstances

Being at peace comes with more ease alone on a mountaintop…it is a test when we are in the middle of another’s drama, or immersed with unconsciousness.

Yet peace isn’t about quiet in the exterior world it is about silence within and that comes from the gap between thoughts, the pure stillness of being.

We are more likely to experience that gap when we are focused on avoiding the distractions that awaken the mind and it’s constant thoughts.

Peace can come if we let others be and allow acceptance within of them. However, it is a choice as to whether to be trapped by our thought or not. So in fact, the circumstances of the exterior world cannot affect our inner peace unless we allow it..