Joy for no reason

“Enjoyment” by Philip Dodson

If we need to have a reason, if we need to create, buy, own, have, build, make, eat, take something, or do anything to bring joy and happiness, then we have missed the point.

Joy doesn’t need a reason, it is always there and can be accessed at any time and always by just being conscious and by just being. Simplicity is joy. Nature is joy. Living in this moment free from thought and ego is the pure joy of consciousness.

Achievements, do they matter?

We are conditioned to achieve things, in the belief it makes us better and brings us happiness. It does neither.

It doesn’t matter what we do or what we don’t do, we are still worthy, we are all still beautiful souls, we are all still the same.

What matters is that we become conscious, that we just be who our true essence is, and live in this moment with total acceptance to all that is.