It’s Wednesday, it could be Tuesday or any other day.

If we’ve waited all week, all month, maybe even all year, for today to be happy or to become fulfilled by things, then once the euphoria of the ‘big day’ has subsided, then it could be a long wait for another ‘big day’ to get our dose of happiness.

‘Big days’ come few and far between and when they arrive, we’ve often already mentally moved onto the next ‘big day’ as it will be better than this one in our mind. Salvation will come next time! It won’t.

The time or day is always now…enjoy now and stop waiting for ‘big days’. This moment is what we have, accept it, enjoy and live it. Denial of it leads to the perpetual searching for the next ‘big day’, the next Wednesday.

Whatever comes

What comes to us in life happens only in the present moment, not in the past, not in the future, it happens now.

Whatever comes, we can either deal with or not, we can accept it or not, we can allow it to affect our mood or not.

It is always a choice.

The universe brings us experiences, so it can experience itself through us, the universe has a consciousness and we are it along with all other living things.

In the conscious state, nothing that happens can affect us, only if we choose to make it matter and that comes from the mind. The mind and its story of ‘me’ is affected by everything.

Everything matters to our mind, however, the secret to a peace-filled and joyous life is that nothing matters. That does not mean we are always happy, it means we accept what is and are at peace inside.