It’s amazing how much we don’t do in our life that deep within we instinctively want to do.

It’s simply because we identify with the mind-created self-image, the stories and roles that represent our ego, and therefore the mind decides that things don’t fit our story or image. Perhaps the mind decides we’re too superior for that or often not good enough.

Imagine if we stayed conscious and stopped listening to the story, just allowing the instinct from within our essence to guide us. Just the simple joy of doing and not thinking if it’s ok with our ‘story’.

Thinking equals more thought

The more we think about how to achieve something the less we achieve.

Doing is a result of conscious focus, awareness and allowing the joy of whatever you are doing to flow through you.

No longer seeing all that we are doing as just a means to an end brings total focus and quality to the moment that we are actually doing something, which is always now.

Otherwise, the mind is possessing us with the thought of the goal and doing becomes secondary, or the doing doesn’t even occur, as we are paralysed by the psychological fear of the goal and what we have to do and how we might succeed, or more commonly, fail.

Thinking equals more thought and conscious awareness and focus allow us to do, right now.