What if we don’t

How much of what we do on a daily basis in life is out of a habit coupled with the fear of ‘what if we don’t do x’?

If we were free of the fear and conscious what would we do or not do?

So fear is about ‘what if we don’t do’ and it could be replaced with ‘what if I did’. If we stopped doing many of the likely pointless habitual things that we do out of fear of not doing, then we would have more time to enjoy doing the things that really matter.

Safe and certain

Creating our ‘art’, our ‘craft’ requires an act of love and an act of chance. To create our very best shot and see what unfolds means taking a leap.

It might work and it might not…we can’t see the future as it only exists in our mind.

The future is fear. So stay away from it and allow what is to unfold and our love of our art to be.

Brave it, do what we want now out of love and ride the wave that is the beautiful and uncertain moment that will keep unfolding.

Or we could just choose to do something safe and just work on certainties.