Don’t allow the future to creep in

That thing we fear doing and then finally we do it, how often do we then immediately realise it wasn’t that bad and what was there to fear?

The answer is…every single time because nothing is as bad as what we fear.

When the mind creates fear it is always the fear of something in the future, whether it’s in 10 minutes from now or a week.

The future is a construct in our mind and not real. So essentially we are fearing something that’s not real.

Once we can realise that our fear is based on nothing other than our thoughts, then we can more easily get over the initial hurdle of staring something.

The feeling of nothing to fear can start to be addictive and habit forming as long as we don’t allow the future to creep in.

Does the writing run dry?

After 1,986 days of blogging continuously without a break…does the writing run dry?

Well, yes, sometimes it comes instantly and other days I sit and ponder for a while.

The thing is I now do this for myself, I do this because it brings me joy in the moment I write it. Before the ego drove me on, I am the next ‘Seth Godin’ who has been blogging every day for about 15 years!! It was about my mind’s inner stories, the roles I had to fulfil.

In a strange way, I am talking to myself, except out loud to the world, well the people who read it.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what we write or do, it is all personal and as long as it brings us joy now, then that’s it.

Complexity is of the mind and its sabotage to reduce any risk and simplicity and just being is of the soul that just wants to experience now, this moment.