Add some more

Whatever ideas we have there is always something more we can add, we can perfect, polish, shine and enhance.

The challenge with that is it becomes an obsession and we end up not creating, we simply end up perfecting our ideas. To create something, we actually have to share it with the world or it remains a highly tuned idea.

Perfect is really a shield we create to avoid doing things that we have been conditioned to fear. We can never perfect, as the moment we perceive it to be perfect then will find out that we’ve been out perfected. Perfect is an excuse we use to avoid the exposure that sharing what we create brings.

The only way to overcome this is to simply create to a level and then share it. We will always get feedback, some constructive and some we could choose just to ignore. But we will learn ourselves simply by pushing the button and getting our stuff out in the world.

The choice is simple, have lots of great ideas or create a prototype and make it even better each time we put it out to the world. All great things have a path of evolution, it’s a question whether or not we want to step down the path.

Building a spaceship

We often spend a great deal of time and energy in our lives building spaceships. Well, not real ones, but in our heads. We take something simple, and we add, and add, and add until it is very complex.

Each layer of complexity that we build is another layer to stop us from starting something.

Simple things are easy to start so we make them complex, needing perfection before we can do.

Perfection is the shield to stop us starting.

Keep things simple and start.