No better or no worse

The world carries on no matter what we think, fear, say or do. Our mind convinces us that the world revolves around us, that we are the most important, the centre of it all. It leads to a great deal of conflict and disappointment, pain and internal suffering.

We are an equal human being with the other 8 billion souls on this planet and all part of the same one life, one energy. We can choose to just be and not compare, judge, or feel superior.

We are all no better or no worse than anyone else.

A myth

If we always think that everything will be great in the future, then it never will be.

When we reach the future, it will be now. If you are not peaceful, full of joy, and conscious now. Then you never will be.

The future is just a mental temporary mind-form…it’s a myth, the future does not exist.

Just be content now, and then you will always be so.