The path of least resistance

In our short-term, instant gratification world, we have opted for the easy.

Send an email to many people for their input, tweet, snap, snip, post, share, repost, and so on. Click, click, click…multi-tasking ourselves round and round in circles of nothing of any note or value.

We have replicated the old school industrial measure of being productive, where the number of nuts or bolts we made that day could be measured against a clock, with a busyness of emails, meetings, chats, instant messages, and then like a giant human server we reply, simply processing data.

This path of busyness, shallow work, easily replicable and easy in all ways on the path of least resistance will lead to the path of nothing at all.

To do something of value, to do work that matters, to fulfil ourselves requires taking the path of most resistance, but we don’t because there is no metric to measure our productivity on that path. This path takes time, patience, bravery and the willingness to step out of the busyness circle.

What level of resistance we want is our choice and with any choice there are consequences.

The biggest regret

Doing something that really counts involves hard work, patience, the willingness to learn, focus and sticking to the plan no matter what others think. It takes pain and a willingness to sacrifice short-term gratification and ignoring quick fixes. There is little choice in this if we want our work to stand out and make a difference with what we do.

What that work is though is entirely our choice and there is no wrong choice here. What matters to us is personal and what others think is irrelevant.

The biggest regret we will have in life at the end of our journeys is that we didn’t choose to do something that matters and we didn’t make the sacrifices to achieve this and settle for the quick fix. There it is too late, we won’t be able to turn back the clocks.

What we do today will build the future and the legacy we want and will help us avoid big regrets.