The perfect tool

Perfectionism is what the mind tricks us with to avoid exposure.

We hide behind it, it is ideal for avoiding showing up.

The perfect tool! for sabotaging doing.

That doesn’t make us bad for hiding behind it. We just need to realise that what we fear is our guide and if we can then realise that the fear is psychological fear created by our mind and not real, present moment, physical threat. If we accept the things we fear and let go, then the mind is not able to sabotage us with perfectionism, we are aware and conscious of the mind’s tricks.

Let go of fear and you can let go of perfectionism, we won’t need it anymore.

Perfection is dirty

Imperfection is the magic of life and it is what we love the most.

The more we try to perfect, to cleanse ourselves of any imperfection, the more we become dirty.

Perfectionism, it’s hiding place from showing up, it’s a place where we feel we can not be judged, it’s a way of trying to stay out of the limelight of being criticised.

But the more we feel perfect, the more judgemental of others we become and that’s not cleansed it’s dirty.

Stay clean from the stain of perfection.