It’s OK

It’s OK to live a life that others do not understand.

It’s OK to be, just be…free from the ego.

It’s OK to be ourselves totally as we are…free from the mind-created self-image.

It’s OK to accept all that is, as it is.

It’s OK to accept others as they are.

It’s only our mind that makes things matter or not.

Inner peace comes from acceptance of what is.

Fighting, denying and resisting what is only causes pain and suffering to ourselves and others.


When we look for the things we have in common with others, when we look for the good, when we choose to see them as another human soul, when we switch of the mind and its labels of others, when we stop the judgements, when we choose to make decisions from the heart about others and when we just see without evaluation.

Then we can say that we are equal, then we can be free, then we can be at peace and we can just be and let others be too.