Allow life to be

When you leave others to be, when you just be, then see the magic happen.

when we do not exert a negative or resistant thought upon something, when we leave the universe to work, see what happens. Just give up the fight, nothing comes from it other than exhaustion and the wrong outcomes.

When we overly try to engineer an outcome it rarely comes, and what does come is out of force and coercion, therefore, it won’t last.

When we leave it and step back, remove the force and allow things to flow and occur naturally, then the amazing happens, the magic works and we allow life to be.

Just be it

If you want love, just be love
If you want to be happy, just be happiness.
If you want a joyful life, be joy.
If you want kindness, just be kind.
If you seek empathy, just be empathy.
If you want….just be it.

Not busy searching always for something, just be.

We wait for everyone or everything else, be the thing you want, be the leader, be the change.

Accept what is and be you, just be.