Yeah…you should do that

It’s easy to give advice, also known as telling others, we can all seem to know the answer for someone else or how they should do something.

Yet, interestingly, we struggle to apply that wisdom to ourselves or we choose to tell another one thing and not apply that to our own behaviour.

We need to take our ‘own medicine’ and not be so eager to be judging and advising others or telling them.

We need to steer our own ship not someone else’s.

Showing not telling

It’s always more inspiring and likely to change others if we are the example, if we are ‘pro’ something, if we show an alternative, if we lead by doing rather than shouting down something different.

Too often those who seek change are ‘anti’ what they do not like, but show no alternative and do not always lead, they simply are negative about someone else’s idea, view, plan, system…negativity does not inspire someone with a different view to change, they simply react negatively. No one likes to be told by another that their view is wrong. It does not provoke a positive reaction.

The world is always a reflection of our transmissions, what we put out is what returns, our signal attracts the same.

Positive examples send out positive vibes and encourage people to consider something different, without feeling like they were being attacked for their views.

Right and wrong are irrelevant, after all, opinions are just that, an opinion, a temporary mental form, and as there is no book of ‘what’s right’, we can only hope to influence change, not tell others that they are in the wrong.

Showing not telling.