Dialogue not monologue

The challenge with only one narrative being voiced and seen as acceptable is that there is no balance, there is no respectful intellectual debate that would test the narrative being presented. So it is one-sided and as time passes it becomes dictatorial.

This is especially of concern when the one voice is one of authority that has been seen as a trusted source.

We live increasingly in a world of homogenisation and a single narrative where the opposing one is ridiculed and presented as ‘anti’ or ‘looney’.

If we want to maintain a healthy society there needs to respectful discussion of views of all, a dialogue not a monologue.


Often others demand things from us.

We have this feeling of being obliged to do so, often, we resent it.

We have a feeling of duty.

There is no obligation, there is no duty, we need to choose to do what we feel happy with and not what others demand of us.

Equally, we can choose to practice the same in reverse and not demand or be reliant on others.

To have no expectations of others leads to no disappointment and choosing what we do rather than obligation or duty leads to better relationships with others and greater personal freedom and for the other person too.

This is counter-intuitive to our conditioning of obligation, duty and responding to the demands of others, not wanted no to offend. Yet no one really likes feeling obliged, duty-bound or without choice.

A paradox we all fight with, perhaps time to respect ourselves and exercise our freedom.

Let go of being demanding and look to ourselves and all that we already have.