We are not the music maker for others

People can be pressured by others to dance to our tune but sooner or later they become deaf to our tune and start to dance to another tune of their choice.

Coercion, control and pressure never work in any relationship with others.

We are not here to make the music for others, we are here to make our own. Sure, that may inspire others, that is, of course, their choice if they choose to dance along too.

The past is a treasure store

Our past is a treasure store of plans and goals that we actualised, things we achieved, things we experience, kind things we did, people we loved, great things that we said, created, and so on.

It’s a store full of past treasures that are there for a lifetime.

Perhaps better than looking back into the past for only things that we did wrong and bad experiences.

Our past is great, if we look for it.

As always, it is just a question of the attitude we want to apply to life, it’s a simple choice.