You never know

The thing is we never know what will happen beyond now, even if our mind is obsesses with it 24/7, we will never know.

So never miss the chance now do say ‘I love you’ to someone who matters, never miss a chance to hug someone, tell them they’re amazing, to run, skip, jump, smile, laugh, cry, create amazing experiences, do something that really matters or just snooze on the sofa and relax.

Whatever it is, whatever you feel, cease the moment and just be and do it now…you never know.

The dilemma of the mind

Today, is day where I nearly said ‘don’t do your blog, you’re tired, it’s been a long day’ and then I thought ‘but it’s nearly 6 years in just 3 days time to complete 6 years of continuous daily blogging!’.

That is my ego…that is me saying ‘must keep going no matter what’. However, I make the rules for my life, so I could just say ‘it’s late and leave it for tomorrow, because I’m writing this for the art, the craft, saying something that matters, not to just tick a box’.

The internal dialogue of the mind will argue this forever, if I let it, or I could just accept I wrote today’s blog, move on.

Nothing matters…it’s only the mind that creates all these dilemmas and drama to worry about.