Joy for no reason

“Enjoyment” by Philip Dodson

If we need to have a reason, if we need to create, buy, own, have, build, make, eat, take something, or do anything to bring joy and happiness, then we have missed the point.

Joy doesn’t need a reason, it is always there and can be accessed at any time and always by just being conscious and by just being. Simplicity is joy. Nature is joy. Living in this moment free from thought and ego is the pure joy of consciousness.

No plan

It’s good to have times when there is no plan, no deadline, no destination, just being.

It is the mind that convinces us that we need to be busy. But busy doing what? Do we ever stop and think about the purpose of all the things that we are busy doing versus all the amazing things that happen around us that we are never aware of because we are too busy.

Busyness is not the answer to a fulfilled life. Being and being aware will always bring us calm, peace and joy. Our primary purpose is to be conscious, to experience, to see the amazing in each moment. Our secondary purpose could be to do something, but without our primary purpose fulfilled, we will remain busily unfulfilled.

Try having no plan.