Questions we don’t but could ask

Is faster better for us?

Is more efficient better for us?

Is more productive better for us?

Is bigger better for us?

Is more convenient better for us?

Is immediate better for us?

Is doing more better for us?

Is technology better for us?

Is being more connected better for us?

There is no right or wrong answer, but surely we could pause to ask these kinds of questions in the whirlwind that life has become.

And if they aren’t better for us, who are they better for and why?



Why do we wait until the end of a year to reflect on things?

It seems better to choose an ongoing process of daily reflection on life.

Not that we have to be over-analysing everything that we do.

But life is happier and more successful, if we take just a moment to reflect on how things are progressing so that getting back on track or modifying where we want to be is a slight, almost negligible, adjustment. Otherwise, we are always facing major change and that never happens.