The life changer

There isn’t much that can not be changed by just sitting and breathing.

It is something that we do not even notice, yet we will take millions of breaths over a course of a lifetime. However, most of us do not take long deep calming, peaceful breaths and we do not realise we are actually breathing. We are too busy in our thoughts and stuck in our minds.

Long, deep and slow breathing does so much more that we realise, it’s simple, but we can actually heal ourselves and change most things be doing something that we take so for granted that we are unaware for most of our life that we are actually doing it. We can do it now, right now, and until our last breath. It’s an instant solution that’s always available.

Stop now…and just notice, check that you are actually alive by feeling your inhale and exhale. Then count, breathing in for 5 or 6 seconds, and then the same for the exhale. Slow your breathing and make it deeper. Then notice how you change.

Whatever happens in life, breathing can change it all.

The background

Sitting still in the sun, listening to the rustling of leaves in the tree, the songs of many birds near and far, distant voices, wind chimes…the more I listen the more sounds I notice.

I notice my breathing, the moving of my body as I inhale and exhale, still the birds twitter. I feel the environment, I notice all. I am calm and peaceful.

These things are there always, the background that surrounds every moment. We can instantly connect to it and become still and at peace within it.

The thing is we rarely notice them as we drown them out with our repetitive thoughts. We are unaware of background. We are unconscious.

Being aware of the background means being conscious and free of thought. It means being life in this moment.

Stillness contained in the background of awareness.