Improvement versus acceptance

If we are always on a path of self-improvement there will always be a sense of lack as there will always be something to improve. Always a need to judge and compare.

If we are on a path if self-acceptance then not only will we have inner peace but we will grow without our ego looking for perfection. We will become our true self and not judge ourselves or compare ourselves to others.

True self

For connections and relationships with other people to work and be true, we do not need to change who we are. We need to be our true self, we need to be 100% ourself. Not the many roles that our ego wants us to act out.

If others are unable to be comfortable with us being our true essence then it is not our challenge.

It does not mean that we have to be hostile as that is the action of the mind and its ego. We can be respectful for of others but at the same time being true to ourself.

When we are clear to others that we respect our true essence then others will reciprocate and respect us.