Brutal truth

Say it, say the truth to yourself…

I mean the pure brutal truth, not to beat yourself, to enable you to step away from the fantasy person that your mind has created and the fantasy life that you think you lead.

Be 100% honest, it does not matter, it frees you, liberates you.

We can only experience the real moment of life which is now when we are free from the prison of the mind…its thought, ego, fantasy and noise

Ask yourself

Ask yourself, why do I really do this or that or whatever it is you are doing?

But ask it and be brutally honest with yourself with the answer.

I suspect you’ll be doing less of many things, if at all, and maybe you might then have time to start some other things that really matter and make a difference. You know the ones that you say you never have time for.

Brutal honesty is hard as it requires us to be open about our self-image, ego and motives. It requires bravery and being vulnerable.