Placebos actually work in medical studies, people who take them often get better, as the patient thinks that they are receiving a medicine that will make them better, when in fact, they aren’t getting medicine.

It is all due to beliefs.

What we think is possible, is possible. If you have a strong enough faith, anything is possible.

We can use our minds for amazing things, when conscious and in control, pity we occupy it with useless repetitive thought on a daily basis.

I’m a believer

It’s a simple thing.

What we believe we can achieve we can and what we believe that we can’t do…well, we can’t.

However, belief will come when we want it to come, you can’t artificially manufacture belief no matter how many blogs, books, or gurus you visit.

It comes from within and it comes when we let go and stop resisting and fighting the belief that we can’t.