Nothing but stillness

The simpler we make life the less pain there is.

When we focus on a few things that bring us joy, then a great deal of what occupies us normally goes away. By ‘normal’ that means the opposite, it means confined by the insanity of our minds and our egos.

We are conditioned to always be busy, never questioning the purpose of ‘busy’. Always be achieving something, consuming food, data, alcohol, drugs and any other form of instant, but short-lived, gratification/’happiness’.

Yet we feel most true to our real soul, to the real us, when we do less and keep it very simple. When we are relaxed, and going with the flow of life then all the stresses and anxiety flow away, positive energy comes and negative energy evaporates. Simply, where there is no drama, nothing to bother us, nothing to fight against, nothing to respond to, where we can be free of the mind and focus deeply on nothing but stillness.

Stillness is where we can be at peace.

Knowing what to do

By Philip Dodson

Often we are unsure of what to do.

We umm and argh about what might be the solution.

The thing is there is not one answer, so perhaps it is not worth the worry about what choice to make. Anyone might work.

Perhaps it is better to just do something without too much thought, then get even better next time if it doesn’t bring the outcome we’d hope for.

Imagine if we took a lifetime of energy that we can end up wasting on indecision and applied it to action instead. What could we all achieve?