The big city lights

Often throughout history, we humans have been attracted to the allure of the big city lights and all the promised adventure. To be part of something big, to be where the action is. To live life and be cool.

The problem isn’t where we live, because unless we change our life view, mindset and habits when we get to the big city, we’ll still have the same life as before only it will cost us treble the money.

Life isn’t about other factors it is always directly related to us…surprisingly, the only thing that we can control.


Before starting anything in 2019 or at any point, don’t do it because the date changed and you feel you have to burden yourself with a tsunami of New Year’s resolutions to fit in.

We’ll all give up on them before the end of January if it is a chore and we don’t really want to.

Perhaps pause, plan, think, contemplate, or even better, accept that your life is already great. Funny how we never see that option. We always have to be doing more or changing something.

Maybe we could just choose to be ourselves for 2019 and beyond.

The date doesn’t matter, accepting what is and seeing that we already have all we need and taking the small steps does.

Moor yourself and enjoy life.