Stop looking

Signs are everywhere, you just have to see them.

To see them you need to stop looking for what you do not have and be grateful for what you already have. A position of gratitude and no resistance.

This changes us from a mind-obsessed position of resistance and disappointment searching constantly for more to a soul-filled position of peace and calm, awareness and acceptance. No more fighting, no more looking for something to fulfil us.

All that we need we have and all that we need to grow is there if we stop looking and just see.

Some people feel the rain

I read this quote today…”Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” – Bob Marley, wisely said.

Life is all about how we choose to see it.

If we see things as hard, they will be. If we think all people are against us, they will be. If we think that the day is hard, our partner is irritating, or the neighbours are a pain in the arse, well, they will be. If we think there are bad people…guess what, in the reality our mind creates, all people will then be bad.

If we move, unless we change our inner mindset, the new neighbours will be a pain in the arse too.

So we can either accept what is, the moment and enjoy it or we can get swept along by all that happens to us and let it eat away at us.

Consciously we just get wet and move on, within our mind and its dramas we feel everything.